Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moose Power Module

Moose Power Module

Over the next few posts, I will go over and review the extras or “mods” I’ve added to my 2005 Kawasaki 750 brute force. 

Instead of tires and wheels first to make it look great and handle better my thought was “more power right out of the box.”  Don’t get me wrong, the brute doesn’t have issues with power but if you can get more?  Well, then you get more.  Besides, the tires were new and the budget was lacking. 

For about $90 I purchased the Moose Power Module from my local dealer Grizzly Sports and raced home to install it. Not being great with mechanics I read the instructions and the first installation was quick and easy (almost too easy).  You would think these things would be harder to do but…nope simple and fast just how I like it.

The first thing I noticed was the brute fired right up cool but then I thought “Is that it? Is it working?” Jumped on and there we went. I laid into the throttle AND? Holy ^%$#%$# yep it’s working alright! My front wheels were off the ground and we were moving. I was in love...

Now on the top end there is no measurable difference but on the low end--holy cow-- torque like crazy, which is nice in some of those tight spots where more power is better. In my view more power is always better.  Sometimes it just hurts more.  Bottom line is I love the “moose power mod” and it works great.

Pros: $ 90 not a bad price for the return
      easy installation (five minutes or less once the seat is off)
      works great (low end torque)
      I can now beat my Dad off the line (even with the stock tires)

Cons: nothing yet but if I have an issue I’ll let you know

Until next time, enjoy the ride!

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