Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maxis Big Horns

In the last post I wrote about the Moose Power Mod and how much I loved it {link to post}. In this post I‘ll talk about the next extra I added to the Brute.

Tires and wheels not only look cool but are functional as well, maybe not the wheels but they look cool. Here is what I found: Maxis big horns, 27x12r12 for the rear, and 27x9r12 for the front, with ITP offset wheels rear. Why, you may ask?  Great question! I would love to say I need more ground clearance or with the new Moose Power Mod I need more traction or I read all the reviews on the web and narrowed down my decision based on blah-blah-blah.  Now, all of these are questions you should ask yourself when purchasing tires and wheels and these have helped and exceeded my expectations. But…

Nope, I walked into my store Grizzly Sports and said to myself “self, I need that set.  They are just so cool!” I should probably not mention how they spoke to me. (“Take me please, I need to get in the mud, I eat rocks, snow is no problem, etc.”)   We can talk about the voices in my head later. I purchased the set of tires and wheels, rolled them out to the truck and they were taller than the tires on my truck!  (“COOL!” I say aloud, with the salesman quietly chuckling in the background.)  I rushed home and installed them.  “Nice!” I say.  My wife? Not as impressed as I was but still cool.  I loaded the Brute and went riding.

I should mention with stock tires I would always just tie the Brute down, sucked up to the cab but with 27’s at the first stop sign we came too? Yep, they went right through the back window, (just something to keep in mind always put something between your bike and the cab).  The tires are great, fantastic traction and ware.  The handling is much improved over stock. The offsets are great for off camber travel and add a lot of stability although most trails are cut at 48 inches and I now sit at about 54 inches wide in the back. That hasn’t been a problem but I do worry a little about the legal side (ATV description being 48 inches wide) and we can discuss this in a later post.

The bottom line is I love this setup and it works great for me. Don’t forget: they look good too!

Pros: They look cool
        Fantastic traction (rocks, snow. hard pack, mud)
        greatly improved ride and controllability       
        Durability is Awesome!

Cons: Heavy (but the brute handles them well)
         the offset wheels are a bit wide for some applications (legal issues)
         not good on pavement (but we all knew that right?)

Until next time, enjoy the ride!

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