Sunday, March 13, 2011

About Us

My name is Tyson Davis.  I am 37 years old and currently living in Nampa, Idaho.  I started riding motorcycles when I was about 5 years old, a 1974 Honda XR-75 handed down from my brother (Thanks Scott). The freedom, fun, occasional crashes and experiences since I started riding have made a huge impact on my life. As I have grown up the mode of transportation has changed but the love of the ride only gets stronger.  It really doesn’t matter what or how you ride - motorcycle, side-by-side or ATV; fast or slow, aggressive or conservative.   What matters is the fun and excitement of exploring new places with the people you love, and maybe even learning something new along the way (about where you are and who you are with).

I started off with a Honda XR-75 and have owned many motorcycles since then, along with a couple of three-wheelers.  In 1995 my world of riding changed forever when my Dad and I purchased two brand new Honda 300 Four-trax 2-wheel drive machines.  Wow!  The difference was amazing!  First of all it was so fun and convenient to be able to carry all that stuff (cook stove, cooler, camera, etc.) Second, the ride itself was smooth and enjoyable, often riding with one hand while holding a soda or camera, not worrying about hitting a small rock and being flung off the edge of a cliff.  After going through a small race phase with a Honda 400 EX and a Yamaha Raptor 650, very fast and very fun, I thought it was time to slow down.  About this time I got married and a short time later we had our first of two boys.  This was a “big factor” in the slowing down decision

Now I ride a 2005 750 Kawasaki Brute Force 4x4. Wait, I thought I was slowing down?  This thing still runs out at about 65 mph.  Cool!  Best of both worlds!  My family and I love to ride, get out and see wonderful, scenic Idaho. This is our story.  Join us as we explore the great outdoors:  any trail, any time.
Tyson Davis, aka “The Trailrat”
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