Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cabin Retrofit

This is the cabin I purchased a couple of years ago.  It works great for the intended purpose, which is block the wind and to keep you mostly out of the elements.  As you can see, your legs are always exposed and almost all of the heat off the engine is lost.  What to do?--I did doors!  I added a little fabric on the bottom of the cabin and made removable doors.  With a hand full of snaps and some fabric I was able to fabricate some pretty cool doors.  They are not perfect but they work.  The best thing about these is there is very little heat loss from the engine, which helps keep the rider very toasty.
There is plenty of air flow to keep any fumes from building up.  It seems the best speed is around 20 MPH to keep the heat up.  On slow and narrow trails it’s perfect.  It also holds together well at speeds around 30 MPH or so.  The doors were easy to build and well worth the time.  On this ride we left Murphy, Idaho, and headed for Silver City.   After everything was warmed up gloves and hats were not needed until we left the comfort of our “cabin.”  I always enjoy riding in all kinds of weather but the extra warmth makes it so much better.  
Until next time, enjoy the ride.
*Other thoughts...
Rain-ex works great and keeps any snow and rain moving quickly out view.  When cleaning your windshield, always use a up-down motion to keep any scratches in one direction.  It cuts down on swirling glare when out in the sun.  Next time we go I will take a thermometer and check the outside temp. compared to the inside temp.  I think it will be interesting to see the difference.


  1. What a great looking kid! xoxo...The Pink Lady

  2. Cool idea! And yes, great looking kid!
    ~ J Baby ~

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  4. your favorite cousin!November 29, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    Tyson! Love the site...great pics put more up!


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