Friday, January 6, 2012

Trail Riding with Girlie-Girl

For those of you women who pride yourselves as being as tough as any man and able to keep up with the guys in your life, relishing every moment of mud, grime, and the occasional blood spillage…this post is NOT for you!  

This post is for us, super girlie-girls, simply trying to survive a day of four-wheeling with that special man in our microcosm.  It is true that we want to support our husband/boyfriend/spouse in some kind of hobby, (especially one that gets him out of the house and out of our hair once in awhile).

That does not mean we desire to plunge through the rivers, valleys and mountains covered head to toe in trail dust, ditch water, and various other bits of mother nature clinging to our well-tailored jackets.  There must be a middle ground, right?  And there’s the rub.  

In light of my personal struggle to stay lady-like and also occasionally see my husband on the weekends, I have put together a little checklist of things to consider (BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE) for all of you ATV trail enthusiasts desperate to get out the door and onto the trail with your special lady.

Things to keep in mind when wheeling with the girlie-girl in your life:
  • Ride Duration: the ride must be long enough to satisfy your trail urge, but short enough to not scuff her new boots up too much.
  • Terrain: select your intended trail and terrain carefully.  Too steep is NO good and scary.  Too flat is boring.  Too bumpy will get you the silent treatment all the way home.  
  • Attire/Gear: Her gear must be warm, comfortable and figure flattering.  If you are planning to make this couples ride a regular event, do yourself a favor and buy her some pretty pink riding gear (pants, coat, hat, gloves, helmet, boots...matching earrings.  You get the picture.)  These things can be obtained.  Do not deceive yourself into assuming pink riding gear does not exist.  It does.  I have girl friends working at Western Power Sports to prove it.  
  • Food/Water: You must pack several appropriate snacks, bottled water, and preferably a picnic lunch if you are planning to be gone more than two hours.  Just saying.
  • First Aide: Take a hint from the boy scouts.  Be prepared.  Carry wet wipes, Neosporin, and butterfly bandages at all times.  They are not for her.  They are for her sanity.
  • Whine Prevention Kit: This can be assembled easily and is somewhat affordable.  Your kit needs to include but is not limited to; a bottle of wine & cups (I recommend a white zin or St. Chapelle’s Soft White), chocolates, yummy gum (Orbit winter-mint is safe), Red Vine licorice, and a Michael Buble CD for the ride home.
Remember, with careful planning on your part, you and your special girlie-girl can enjoy a wonderful ride out on the trail!  Until next time, Happy Trails and (as my seven year old would say) Big Balls!

Guest Blogger: Tia Davis (aka: The Pink Lady)

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