Friday, January 6, 2012

Pre-Ride Checklist

Tire Pressure
Tire pressure is probably the easiest and fastest thing you can do check and adjust to improve performance and handling a low pressure tire gauge is not only inexpensive but a valuable part of you ATV tool kit along with a portable air compressor both can be purchased just about anywhere for under $30. keeping the tire pressure even and correct will improve the safety and handling of any ATV not to mention tire ware and traction. Think of it this way if you on a slow trail with lots of rocks snow or mud try a lower pressure better traction and improved ride. If your flying down a trail sliding corners and concerned about tire roll try a little higher pressure. Just a couple of things to keep in mind. Always check the recommended tire pressure for your tires.

Cable maintenance
This is simple as well sticky cables other way to put it I found that WD-40 works well and use the small hose that come with it to get the fluid into the cable sheath. Keeping your cables well maintained could save you a lot of heart ache out on the trail.  Also keeping your cable at the prop0er tension can improve their performance and life.

This is a no brain-er right? check the oil and all of your fluids. here is the problem I don't know how many times Ive spent alot of time trying to get my tire pressure just right before a ride just to get an hour from home and realize I’m low on oil not a good way to start the day. Grease is cheep and should be used often a little maintenance today could save you alot of money in the future. Fuel, yep its a fluid and a vital one as well. ever had this happen? loaded up with all the gear and friends on your way ride for a couple of hours 40+ miles away from anything, Light bulb goes off in you head did I top this off with fuel? not going to name names but that can be a real bummer.

A socket wrench and five minutes before each ride can save you a bunch of frustration. Check the tightness and condition of the lugs enough said. I keep a small tool kit in my bag that I can use to do minor repairs and maintenance while on the trail.

If you have a hard time remembering your maintenance schedule like I do make a list of tasks things to check before every ride things to check after each ride and things to check on a monthly bases. Check your owners manual for service recommendations.

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