Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Ride Sept 2007

In 2007, three of us took a trip. The plan was to pack in with everything we would need for a good weekend including fuel. The week before we left I spent most of my time trying to get everything on the Brute I thought I would need or wanted to take. After culling out everything I didn't need and making a couple of phone calls to make sure we didn't have too many duplicate items we were ready to go.The place we decided to camp was about 30 miles from where we parked but with all of our supplies including a huge platter of ribs for Friday night dinner, it was a slow trip.

We made it to camp early evening and had a great ride in and more to come.  One of the high lights of the weekend was the five Apache helicopters that flew over our camp. The first one actually hovered right over our camp and waved, very low and very cool.  We took the bikes to a clearing and sat back to watch the show.  These guys came down to about 100 feet or so and it was awesome.  It really shows you if they had a reason to take us out they sure could have.

Mad dash to find reception for the game.
Over the weekend we road about 300 miles from Murphy, Idaho to somewhere in Northern Nevada and several places in between.  We had a great time and we even made time to listen to the BSU game that night “GO BRONCO”S!!!”

Over all the weekend was a great success. Dinner was ribs one night and prime rib the next.  Sandwiches during the day and a huge platter of wonderful views and adventure. This was the first of our year end rides that we continue to take in September every year.  More photos can be seen here along with the video of the Apache. Until next time, enjoy the ride.

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